Set Up a Fundraiser

STEP 1:    Send us a message through our contact page and we will get in touch with you to start the process.

STEP 2:   Once you have signed up and chosen your desired package, your campaign dates and your goals, we will send you out a startup package.  This will include a parent letter and order form which you can copy and distribute to your sellers. It will also include information about the program and the products you will be selling.

STEP 3:   Start selling! 

No need to pre-order!  Only submit exactly what you sell.

Collect orders and payments with our order forms.  Or alternatively, your supporters can purchase their kits online and pay with credit card or e-transfer. Then...

STEP 4:  Once your orders have been submitted to us, we will calculate the results at which point you will be invoiced and/or paid out.

STEP 5:  Your packages will be shipped to you approximately 3 weeks after your fundraiser has closed and once all monies have been settled.


Shipping charges will apply if you are outside of the Edmonton, Alberta area.

**Please note we are only available in Canada.**