At Good For You...eh! we understand that there are several allergens out there and not all products in our collections will necessarily be suitable for everyone.  We can also never make legal claims that the products are free from any allergens because food companies also never guarantee cross contamination has been fully eliminated in all cases.  Food companies are required to label their packages accordingly based on labeling laws.  We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of ingredient or nutritional information provided.

Furthermore Good For You...eh! cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions due to the consumption of any of our collection items.  

For your own safety, please check labels carefully before consuming any products. 

We hope there will always be someone available to enjoy the products!

(a neighbor, friend, co-worker)

Please also note that some items, particularly the baked goods, will have a shorter expiry date.  It is advised that these products be consumed before their "Best Before" dates to ensure you get the best experience from them! :)