I love this box!  How do I keep it coming to me?

Great! We are so glad to hear that!  After 3 months you will be given the option to sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 subscription month plan. You will then be billed automatically every 15th day of the month.  Your box will be shipped within the first week of the following the month.  If we do not hear from you otherwise, your subscription model itself will be automatically renewed for an additional subscription period of the same amount of time.

I don't have or want to use my credit card for payment.  Do you have another way I can pay for my boxes?

Yes!  You can alternatively pay using INTERAC e-transfer.  Just click on the option at checkout and follow the instructions.  This option won't allow us to automatically bill you every month but we can send you an email reminder when your payment is coming due so you can sign up for another month. 

What is your refund policy?

We do not accept refunds.  If you would like to cancel your subscription, you may do so before the 10th of the month -  five days before your next recurring payment.  But again, we are sure you won't be disappointed 😀

How do I cancel my subscription?

Email us at info@goodforyoueh.ca and use CANCEL in the subject line.  Cancellation requests must be received by the 10th of the month (five days before the next recurring payment)

What if I want to switch my subscription box to one of the other options?

Changes to your box option can only be applied once your subscription period has ended.  For example, if you chose the Classic box for a 3 month period you would receive that box for 3 months.  When you want to renew your subscription after three months, you can change your option at that time.  To do so, simply let us know by filling out the Contact Us form located at the bottom of the Home page.